Make the Most of Palatable’s Most Exciting Feature

Once you download the Palatable App, you’ll be able to watch our offerings grow as a member of our early bird family.

Start using Palatable now and enter your preferences to get personalized dish recommendations. There are several ways to take advantage of our intuitive, interactive system. It’s simple. And the more you use it, the smarter it gets.

1. The Cards

Whenever you swipe a dish card, our recommendation system listens to you like an attentive friend and offers you suggestions based on your preferences. Remember to swipe right what you like, and swipe left if you don't want to see a dish again.

2. The Search

Every time you search for a particular dish (e.g., shrimp scampi or chicken vindaloo), the system suggests variants that fit your dietary preferences. You don’t have to set new filters every time. We record your preferences in the search filter. You can always change filters to broaden a search, too.

3. The Restaurant Profile

Toggle the full menu button on a restaurant’s profile to switch to a recommended menu. You’ll see only the dishes that match your preferences. No need to view the full menu if you don’t want to!

The system may ask you to reset your preferences if the dishes available in your current location don’t match what you indicated. Just change the preferences temporarily and watch the magic happen!

Get Started!