5 Smart Ways To Eat Healthy On A Budget

Posted By Jenna
5 Smart Ways To Eat Healthy On A Budget 10 May, 2019

Megan from the office inspired you to eat healthily. You’re so up for it. You plan out your meals and are ready to go shopping, only to find that you’ll be over exceeding your budget.

There’s no way you can take up that new diet or meal plan with your current financial situation.

What do you do now?

Eating healthy is more expensive - but it doesn’t have to break the bank.

how to eat healthy on a budget?

Here are some smart tips to help you eat healthy on a budget.

1. Pre-Plan Your Meals

Time to make a more actionable plan. Set a weekly budget and list your meal options.

Now, carefully determine how much you can spend on each meal. Avoid monotony here! You do not want to be too strict on yourself. The key is to let yourself splurge on some meals and go frugal on others.

Pre-planning will help you avoid cravings that could lead to overspending, or worse, unhealthy eating.

2. Go Vegetarian

Meats are expensive. If you want to stay healthy on a budget, try including all-vegetarian or vegan meals in your weekly meal plan.

As for protein, go for alternate sources like legumes and broccoli.

3. Go For Foods That Are in Season

Depending on the availability of food in your city, certain items may be cheaper. For example, if you live near the seaside, seafood would cost less for you.

Similarly, seasonal vegetables are cheaper when they're in-season. Try going for recipes with in-season ingredients.

4. Share Your Meals

If you’re taking out lunch on a workday, ask your colleagues if they also want to eat and split the cost. Sharing is caring and it can make a drastic change to your budget.

5. Use Coupons

Beware! Most coupons force you to spend on unhealthy, cheap food. You need to be mindful and search for coupons for healthier foods.

You can begin by signing up to our app. Our mission is to help you eat healthy food. We’ll suggest you deals on healthy foods that we know you would like based on your saved preferences.

6. Try New Foods

You need to develop an appreciation for less fancy and less expensive foods. Think eggs, beans, vegetables, and seeds. These foods are cheaper but also, less in demand.

Think about it! When you go to an Italian restaurant, don’t you end up picking up the usual pizza or pasta every time? There are healthier options on the menu, but you never pay attention to them.

So, to eat healthy on a budget, try new foods. Open yourself up to new culinary experiences and save some money!

Overall, eating healthy on a budget is simpler than you think. You need to shift your preferences, avoid temptations and make smarter decisions.

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