How To Order At A Restaurant When You're Trying To Lose Weight?

Posted By Manpreet
Palatable 02 May, 2019

How do you lose weight? Contrary to what you may have seen on Instagram, there’s only ONE way to lose weight (fat, to be correct) - calorie deficit.

There may be a million different exercise routines, but they aren’t going to help you unless you follow this simple rule. You have to consume a lesser amount of calories than you burn on any specific day for those fat bubbles in your body will start deflating.

But how can you do that when you’ve got an office party tonight and a graduation dinner next week? It seems impossible to avoid and this may put a strain on your diet, but it doesn’t have to!

1. Manage Your Cravings

Do not starve yourself all day before you go out for a fancy dinner! It’s important that you eat like you usually do throughout the day.

By controlling your hunger, you won’t dive straight into the carb-filled bread even before you place a proper order. You’re also likely to order (and eat) less if you’re not famished. This tip could save you money and calories!

2. Beware of the labels

When you go out to eat, are you reading the nutritional labels? If you’re not, start doing that! Look for labels that are marked as healthy and try to pick from these options.

Honestly, picking healthier foods while eating out is an art and we’ve covered it in detail in another blog.

The idea that hits the mark is to look for cooking methods! The foods that are grilled, boiled, baked, roasted or seared are healthier and can help you keep your calories in check.

3. Look for diet-specific options in the menu

Whether it’s a low-carb keto option you’re looking for or a vegan meal, it’s easier to find those with Palatable app. An app, that understands your dietary restrictions and preferences and suggests your foods accordingly, could be a huge life-saver for your weight loss goals.

4. Go easy on the beverages

how to order food to lose weight

It may sound surprising, but the biggest threats to your weight loss goals aren’t even foods at all. It’s the beverages that add up!

Soda, punch or even a glass of wine should be avoided, if possible. When they can’t, just try not to go overboard. When it comes to wine, stick to one glass (as per advisory of American Health Association).

5. Ask for Customizations

Restaurants are willing to make changes to your food based on your dietary preferences!

In fact, one of the biggest features on our app is the easy ability to customize orders.

Restaurants want to deliver exactly what you want. So, don’t be shy to ask them to cook your food in healthier oils and with fewer fats!

6. Make Smarter Choices

Every restaurant menu has weight-loss friendly options. You just have to know how to look for them!

When grabbing a cup of coffee, avoid the latte and go for black coffee or coffee with skimmed milk. The difference can be as much as 340 calories (in a 20-ounce latte) and 11 calories (in an 8-ounce coffee with milk).

how to order food to try to lose weight

When eating fast food, go for grilled chicken or fish instead of deep-fried foods. When eating Mexican, ditch the cheese, tortilla chips, and refried beans and go for Fajitas with grilled meats and veggies or burritos with chicken or shrimp.

We did an entire blog about how to order healthy with every different type of cuisine

7 Eat Out More Often

Hear me out! It’s not counter-productive. A study published in International Food Research says that people are more likely to eat unhealthy food while dining out when they’re eating for ‘special occasions.’

So, if you’re stopping yourself from eating out for a long time, you’re more likely to go crazy with your calorie consumption the day you do eat out.

Stop restricting your lifestyle for once and start moderating!

8. Drop the bread

Have you noticed that we didn’t really suggest you drop anything so far? However, if there’s one thing we had to ask you to avoid altogether, it would be bread.

What does bread bring on the nutritional table? Carbs. Do we really need carbs? After a few TED talks, you’ll come to the right answer - No. We do not need carbs and yet, we load ourselves with bread and rolls. Almost anything we eat - burgers, pizzas, cookies, we find that unwanted carb source.

So, if you’re feeling like it, drop the side of bread. Most likely, it’s complimentary. You’re just filling up your stomach with unnecessary calorie source. You could save these 80-100 calories (the average amount of calories a slice of Italian bread has) and use them for eating something actually delicious and healthy.  Just by dropping one food item, you can consume much more while staying in the calorie deficit you need for meeting your weight loss goal.

It’s important to remember that the perfect diet doesn’t start overnight and that little changes add up. Bookmark this, and read these tips every time you eat out until you naturally fall into the pattern of making healthier choices while eating out.

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