How to Order Delivery When You’re Trying to be Healthy

Posted By Manpreet
How to Order Delivery When You’re Trying to be Healthy 30 March, 2019

Everyone has a different schedule and sometimes ordering lunch or dinner is the best way to fit in a good meal. But how can we do this without compromising our healthy diet?

Well, this one’s simple… You just have to pick the healthy options from the menu!

Easier said than done, we know..


You try these simple hacks for every category of popular delivery food!


Pizza is the most popular food delivery option hands down. It’s convenient, tasty and a classic. It’s also very fatty, greasy and bad for your health. The crust made of flour, the gooey cheese and the topping of sweet sauce puts it on the list of most unhealthy foods you can put in your body.

Don’t stop reading just yet! We won’t ask you to quit a pizza, ever.

Try This Pizza Hack!

When ordering pizza, switch the crust to thin crust or whole wheat and load it up with vegetable toppings - mushrooms, peppers, tomatoes, broccoli or onions. Avoid meat as it packs loads of sodium and fats for you. There are better recipes to get that protein from!

2. Chinese

The regular Chinese takeout option isn’t real Chinese food. The pork fried rice isn’t it. In fact, any dish with ‘fried’ in it, needs to go off your options list. Sweet and sour chicken also needs to go, sorry. The sauce is too dangerous for your diet. You can also cross off the Manchurian, pan-fried pork dumplings and General Tso’s chicken.

But there are tons of Chinese flavors that are healthy as well!

Try This Chinese Food  Hack!

Go for steamed dishes (instead of sautéed) like shrimp with garlic sauce and add a side of vegetables. The idea is to pick a sauce that’s healthier than other options on the menu. Having shrimp adds the protein to the table and steamed veggies make a great side.

Just think steamed food instead of fried food - steamed dumplings over fried, and steamed veggies over fried. Go for brown rice instead of white rice and skip the noodles!

3. Thai

Thai food is more than just noodles! That Thai platter is not the best you can do when you’re craving Thai food. No pad thai and massaman curry.

Try This Thai Food Hack!

Craving Thai? We get it, just try dishes like cashew chicken or tom yum gai soup! They are filling, nutritious and healthy.

4. Wings

Wings are THE dish you order when you want to sit at home and binge watch Netflix. Of course, excessive calories are a problem (a 10-pc order has about 700 calories) but you need to be aware of other nutritional things that put your health in the danger zone. The biggest one that’s overlooked is sodium! Regular wings have around 7000 mg of sodium. You shouldn’t exceed 1500 mg a day, according to the American Heart Association. But, there’s hope...

Try This Hack For Wings!

Next time you’re watching your favorite show, try grilled wings! They’re a smoky (and healthy) alternative to the traditional. You’ll love them!

5. Mexican

Once you find your favorite authentic Mexican restaurant, work your way through the menu and pick options that aren’t fried or stuffed with cheese. No chimichangas and no cheesy nachos (warning: fried, cheese, sour cream). No refried beans, either!

Try This Mexican Food Hack!

Pick options like grilled tacos, beef, and shrimp. We discussed this in our last blog post - anything grilled, baked, roasted - is significantly healthier than fried, seared & sauteed food. If you’re someone who can’t live without cheese, ask for it on the side so you can control your calories even more!

6. Japanese/Sushi

how to order delivery

The cuisine is actually the healthiest food you can pick while ordering delivery! It’s based on simplicity and is easy to eat. But still be wary of dishes that are fried, have a mayo-based sauce or some crunchy flakes.

Try This Japanese Food Hack!

Go for a salad, rolls, veggies with brown rice, or sashimi. Avoid high-in-sodium food products!

Avoid the standard spicy rolls (too much mayonnaise), Philly rolls (warning: cream cheese & deep frying) and even California rolls (fried, but healthier out of these three). Choose rolls that include veggies and fish.

If you’re on keto, you can easily ask for customizations like getting the rolls wrapped in cucumber instead of rice! Asking restaurants for customizing your food is so much easier with Palatable.

7. Burgers

how to order burger for delivery

There’s nothing like a good ol’ American burger. Right? Those ‘double’, ‘loaded’, ‘extra’ burgers are so enticing. Those are extremely unhealthy, especially the ones with toppings like cheese or bacon.

Try This Burger Hack!

Switch up the toppings to healthier options! Tomatoes, lettuce, and onions are great. Try a wheat bun or ask to switch your bun for lettuce! And of course, if there is an option always try to sub the beef for a turkey burger!

8. Italian

There are over 350 types of pasta, and you really don’t have to skip one. Just stop those manicotti orders and go for real Italian food!

Try This Italian Hack!

More healthy options you can try are bruschetta, Caprese salad, Grilled calamari, risotto (yes, it may not look healthy but it is) and shrimp Pomodoro.

9. Indian

how to order Indian food delivery

There are more Indian food options than curry! There are actually some very healthy options, you just have to be mindful of keeping butter chicken, malai kofta, tikka masala, and samosas off your list.

Try This Indian Hack!

Masala curry is much better than the creamy curries you find in butter chicken and malai kofta. Instead of going for fried dishes like samosas, go for steamed south Indian food like idlis or Gujarati food like Dhokla (it does have sugar, though). Skip that naan bread and pick tandoori roti!

10. Breakfast

Yes, breakfast must be heavy but don’t eat the sum total of calories you must consume in the day just in your breakfast! Keep those waffle and pancake platters for special occasions. And don’t even touch the fruit juice! Fruits are great but most of the fruit juices you order from restaurants are loaded with sugar.

Try This Breakfast Hack!

When you’re filling your cart with your breakfast order, look for eggs and fruits. If you can find a nice restaurant that serves British Cuisine near you, try the ploughman’s platter!

11. Greek

Greek food, though you may not order it regularly, offers incredibly healthy options like Japanese food. But watch that feta! It’s delicious but calorie-loaded. No gyro platter either.

Try This Greek Food Hack!

The most healthy options you can snag on a Greek menu is a Greek Salad, some grilled chicken, roast fish or grilled fish.

12. Middle Eastern

There are middle-eastern spices and flavors that you must try, just stay away from pita sandwiches. Trust Palatable to suggest you dishes that would suit your palate!

Try This Middle Eastern Food Hack!

Go for kabobs with a side of hummus! Other notable options are baba ganoush and tabbouleh.

We know what you’re thinking. This all sounds great on paper but it might be overwhelming and inconvenient to find a restaurant, hope they have these options, call someone to explain your dietary restrictions and then customize that order without seeing everything in front of you. In this case, it’s also likely you won’t find a discount or coupon.

The Palatable app makes it easy for you to look for healthy foods that would suit your taste and dietary choices and our real-time deals will make it easier for you to grab healthy options at an affordable price. You can place the order directly from the app and it barely takes a few minutes.

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