How to Stop Going to the Same Restaurant Every Time?

Posted By Roopak
How to Stop Going to the Same Restaurant Every Time? 27 FEB, 2019

Eating out isn’t unhealthy anymore!

And we’re thankful for that, I mean, do you really have time to go for grocery shopping, pull up your recipe books and craft a piece of art that’s Instagram-worthy and appealing to your taste buds? Who would clean the dishes?

Now you could spend that extra time with your family members, working on your hobbies or clocking in a few more hours at work to get that promotion.

But eating outside becomes really boring if you’re always going to that same restaurant near your house.

We’re here to give you the confidence to get out of that comfort zone!

1. Get Organized

Instead of making decisions on a whim when you’re already hungry and impatient, plan ahead. Look for apps or virtual assistants that can help you discover new restaurants. Reviews and photographs of their actual meals may help you decide whether you should try it or not.

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2. Avoid FOMO

Most of the time people try new restaurants because of FOMO. They don’t want to miss that amazing restaurant Susan talked about during Monday’s team meet. But Susan might have liked that restaurant because of its ambiance, the hype or because she liked a meal you don’t even plan to order. This often backfires pretty quickly, pushing you back into the rut of eating the same foods.

Make trying out new restaurants about being a more informed eater, somebody who really wants to explore their preferences and discover new flavors.

3. Cut Down The Choices

Think of the last time you wanted to try something new and yet, ordered the same dish from the same restaurant near your house! What happened?

The modern millennial is spoiled by choices. We have tens of restaurants and tens of dishes per restaurant. How can we possibly choose something?

If you begin by eliminating the foods you cannot eat or do not want to eat due to your lifestyle choices, you’ll realize that trying something new becomes very easy.

You may wonder, why even try? Why even indulge yourself in this? Here’s why !

4. Eating Different Is Healthy

If you’re always going to the same restaurant and eating the same food, you might be risking losing good gut bacteria.

In this report, you’ll find out how eating the same things, which people who are on some kind of weight loss diet usually do, can actually jeopardize your weight loss progress.

Ideally, if you want to be healthy, you should always be trying out new foods. So, if not for the love of food or discovering new things, do it to be healthy.

5. Make A Conscious Decision To Eat Diverse Food

Lastly, none of these facts are going to matter unless you decide to act. It’s you who has to try - new foods, restaurants, and cuisines.

Overall, trying new restaurants and foods is a meaningful task - it opens you up to new experiences, helps you discover new flavors, and keeps you healthier. And who knows! It may even help you make some new friends, whom you would never meet if you don’t visit that new restaurant on the other corner of the street… the one you almost never noticed.

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