The Importance of Food Pairing

Posted By Roopak
The Importance of Food Pairing 10 FEB, 2019

Vomiting, stomach ache, nausea, bloating, fatigue and diarrhea - your experimentative nature as a foodie can land you in real trouble. And these are only short-term problems!

In the long term, you can have dry skin, low energy levels, poor sleep, bad breath, rashes, chronic inflammation, and indigestion if you continue eating foods that don’t go well together.

Scientifically speaking, you’re not supposed to consume certain foods together. So, when you go ahead and order certain drastic combinations of food, you’re unintentionally being an irresponsible eater.

The only alternative is to ask the server at the restaurant to help you plan your meal but putting your bet entirely on the server - who could be new or has no idea on what you generally like? It’s probably not the best idea. Keep reading to find the solution!

The Science of Flavor Matching

Food pairing, to the average customer, may seem like a simple process but it actually involves quite a bit of science.

To begin with, it’s crucial that the food appeals to all five human senses - smell, sight, taste, hearing, and touch.

Next comes the SCS  of food pairing:

S - Similarity, matching foods that have similar compounds

C - Contrast, matching foods that differ from one another

S - Synergy, combinations that, when combined, offer a different flavor than each of them originally had.

Have you ever wondered why seafood and red wine don’t go well together? It’s the ferrous ion (science, you know) in the red wine that reacts with seafood, leaving a bad aftertaste. Read more on such scientifically unmatchable combinations of food here.

Conceptual & Individual Food Pairing

Conceptual food pairing is basically pairing certain foods together based on some concept, eg, by tradition or region.

Individual food pairing focuses on individual palates and ensures the food is suitable to the particular individual in question.

Why Are These Important?

For one, it can profoundly impact your health. For example,

Tomatoes and spinach  - due to heavy oxalate levels, they may cause kidney stones.

Fruit And Yogurt - The bacteria in yogurt may react with the sugars in fruit causing allergies.

Banana and milk - Both are heavy foods, difficult to digest. They slow down the digestion.

Likewise, there are certain foods combos that fight for your health.

Onion and grapes - The compounds present in both foods can effectively inhibit blood clots and boost heart health.

Garlic and fish - When combined, they lower cholesterol levels.

Red beans and brown rice - Can help you fight cancer, heart disease, and diabetes.

There are endless studies and research on the nutritional benefits of correct food pairings.

But how do we go about it? How can we possibly remember this every time you order? And how do we still keep our personal diet preferences in mind?

Introducing - Palatable App.

The Palatable App is an AI-based food app that recommends these food combos for you. These pairings are put together by chefs who understand the nutritional nuances of food and can help you combine the best foods on the basis of their chemical compounds as well as their overall impact on your five senses which help you fully enjoy these foods.

The app also takes your personal preferences in the consideration - whether it’s the keto food you’re looking for or veganism you’re after, you don’t have to spend even a split second to choose specific food once you join the app.

[screenshot depicting preferences]

You just have to browse for your favorite foods, swipe left and right in a Tinder-style fashion, and place an order. Try it for yourself!

Download the app now!