7 Reasons To Try New A Food Each Week

Posted By Jenna
7 Reasons To Try New A Food Each Week 22 March, 2019

Why? Why would you give up your favorite foods and try something new? You already know what you like!

Here are 7 reasons why!

1. Do You Really Know Your Favorite Food?

What’s your favorite food? Think about what pops into your head when I ask that. Is it something you love because you have tried so many foods and it stood out amongst the rest or is it something you love because it’s convenient and you chose it from a small pool of options?

How do you know it’s really your favorite unless you have tried a wide variety of foods? How can you make a choice when you are choosing between almost nothing? Wouldn’t it be amazing if you found there were foods you enjoyed even more?

2. You Wouldn’t Know Until You Try It

Some people just dismiss food ideas on the basis of their perception. Do not be that person! You’re only hurting yourself. Try the food and then decide whether you like it or not.

I personally know a friend who would always make faces at the name of sushi. Sushi! She never even tried it. Can you imagine never experiencing sushi?

It’s unfair to make assumptions about something without trying it. Try the food before you decide it’s off limits.

try new foods - why & how

3. You Get To Discover The Beauty of Different Cuisines

Consider Indian or Chinese cuisine! The dishes are a result of centuries of research and innovation. Hundreds of generations spent their time perfecting the foods.

Why would you say no to experiencing such richness of various cultures?

4. Trying New Foods is Good For Your Health

Research suggests that variation in your regular diet is important. If you try new, healthy, food, you’ll introduce more positive nutrition for your body. You’ll get the natural benefits of food items - fruits, vegetables, and grains, without relying on supplements. It also improves your immune system!

5. Set An Example For The Kids

If you have kids, it’s your duty to introduce them to every imaginable flavor. It’ll help them to appreciate the food they get and become more mindful about it.

But you can’t just tell them to be a certain way. You have to lead by example! Children watch how we eat, so eat how you’d like them to eat!

6. Saying Yes to New Things is Good

With all the negativity out there, we often miss the good opportunities in our lives.

When you say ‘no’ to a new food, you might just be saying ‘no’ to your future ‘all-time’ favorite dish, which you just declined to even try because you were too busy with the same old foods you always eat.

7. Discover New Flavors

What’s the flavor of radishes? Or Turnips? Do you even know? There’s a lot of fun involved in experimenting with different flavors!

Right now, you’re living as if you have tried everything there is to try. How exciting is it that tomorrow you may taste the most delicious flavor you have ever tried and never even knew existed?

8. Travel Better

Every country has ingredients that are unique to its location and every restaurant has its own specialty dish. You may not always see your go-to options on the list. Being open to trying new food makes traveling and dining out a lot easier AND more interesting.

I understand your concerns about some of these reasons. How do you know what you’re picking is healthy? How do you pick something that you’re more likely to like?

Palatable it!

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Problem solved! Let’s try some new foods now. Shall we?

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