How does Palatable Work?

Welcome to Palatable Beta.

You’re now part of a community that loves to discover new healthy food. Find food tailored to your palate, chef-recommended food suggestions and a user-friendly interface that helps you swipe your way into culinary exuberance.

At Palatable, we are changing the model. As humans, most of the time, we think of a dish by nature and not restaurant. In our app, we show you the dishes and then give you the restaurant where that particular dish is available!

You get triple savings - save time while ordering food. Save money with deals. Save on calories wasted on foods you wouldn’t like.

We’re currently adding your favorite restaurants to the app. If you think you could use more discounts and deals from your favorite restaurants, tell us about your favorite 5 restaurants through this 2-min survey.

Fill the survey now!

Within just a few swipes, you can start your Palatable beta experience, and become our partner & help us build the feature you’ve always wanted in a food app.

We’re keen to hear your feedback and load more awesomeness into the app.

Please write to us at to share your feedback.

Remember, our app works the best with your accurate location. Changing the location is easy. Just tap on the existing location & fill the current one.

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